Tore Tanzt, D 2013, Feature film, Director: Katrin Gebbe


„Julius Feldmeier plays Tore, a gullible but open-hearted young man who has found a home with a “punk” Christian sect based in a large, ramshackle house in the northern German city of Hamburg. Though his background remains unexplained, Tore is clearly a vulnerable lost soul looking for somewhere to belong. Following a chance encounter with outwardly charming family-man Benno (Sascha Gersak), which he takes to be a sign from God, Tore drifts away from the sect and slowly becomes absorbed into a new surrogate family.

But there is something rotten at the heart of this apparently normal, welcoming family unit. Benno’s short-fuse temper, disturbingly intimate behavior toward his 15-year-old tomboy daughter, Sanny (Swantje Kohlhof), and growing contempt for Tore’s religious principles push all of them into a bruising battle of wills that involves animal torture, rotting meat, prostitution and rape. The film climaxes with a torrid crescendo of psychosexual sadism and Biblical symbolism reminiscent of Lars von Trier at his most pessimistic. A German film that attains Danish levels of soul-crushing bleakness? High praise indeed.“

The Hollywood Reporter