"The mask is our truer self" Robert Ezra Park, 1926

Born in 1982 in the infamous  St. Pauli district of Hamburg city, western Germany, as the only child of a carpenter and a fortune teller, Anna developed a sense for the beauty within the strange already in her early days.

To study people by their outer appearance became her passion.

Today, costume design combines Anna's love for the cinema and her interest in working artistically with various materials.

Inventing characters, toghether with directors and actors, and thereby creating the visual reality of a movie is Anna's way to be part of  a great story that is waiting to be told.



Diploma in costume design at HAW Hamburg, University of applied sciences, department design

Specialised in sketching design drawings
Specialised in the construction of masks and special costumes
Drivers licence
Fluent english

2014 Assistant to Thomas Oláh (The Physician)

2007 - 2008 Assistant to Reinhard v.d. Thannen (costume designer of the year 2011)

Film productions:

Lago Film, One Two Films, Sommerhaus Film, Walker + Worm Film, Q - Film, Viewmaster Films, Markenfilm, X- Filme, Junafilm, Violet Pictures, Jyoti Film, BLM, Element - e, Sterntag Film, MyPony, E+P Commercial, Plexus Productions, Nu Projects,
Noyz R Uz Films, Klappboxfilme, A Most Wanted Man production, Arepo Media, Münchner Filmwerkstatt, Lieblingsfilm,
ZIGGY Mediahouse, Czar Film, Ferry Film, Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion


Fatih Akin, Thomas Stuber, Katrin Gebbe, Burhan Qrbani, Jan Speckenbach, Jessica Krummacher, Philipp Leinemann, Anca Miruna Lazarescu, Georgi Banks-Davies, Nikias Chrissos, Cristian Straub, Katharina Duve, Timo Schierhorn, Alex Feil, Lars Büchel, David Königsmann/Felix Paul, Bernd und Jeff, Thorsten Kirves, Aron Krause, Klaus Spendser, Wolfberg, Philipp Wolff, Norbert Heitker, Benjamin Brettschneider, Jonas Scholz

photo: Marco krüger